Remember ”Yassou Maria” in Helsinki 2007? Many, many ”yassou!” at the Euroclub on 9 May during the Greece-Cyprus party which started after midnight.

Competent writer that I am I forgot to bring my camera, but I managed to corral a happy Finnish fan (the beer is free at the Euroclub by the way..) to promise me his photos from the party, so let’s see if we will have some visuals soon

More contestants from 2009 performed at the Greece-Cyprus party, among others Iceland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Estonia, Moldova, and..FINLAND! Yup, Waldo’s People took the stage to big applause from the audience, so let’s hope that televoters across Europe on 12 May will applaud just as loud and translate that into televotes for Finland! Maybe I was tired & my eyesight got weaker, but I could have sworn that Marko Reijonen did a little dance on stage..

And finally the contrasting performances of the unstoppable Sakis Rouvas and the elf-like Christina Metaxa crowned the Greece-Cyprus Party.

More parties coming up, and there is actually another party-centre at the Eurocafe located on the other side of the Kremlin. I suppose I should go there just to see what else I can gossip about here..what a hard life it is in Moscow..