What Crisis?

Anti-Crisis Girl Svetlana Loboda (Ukraine) threw a party at the Euroclub on the evening of 9 May!

The Euroclub is in the Manezh Exhibition Centre just outside the Kremlin walls. It’s a great set-up with the main floor having bars and a stage, and balconies and upper-floors for more space to chill & party.

Performing at the Ukraine Party, among others, were Ireland, Belgium, Malta and Cyprus. Verka Serduchka & gang (Ukraine 2007) made an appearance by satellite broadcast, then Ani Lorak (Ukraine 2008) entered centre-stage with Shady Lady, followed by Ruslana (Ukraine 2004).

And of course, finally the Anti-Crisis Girl herself, fighting any crisis with the help of shapely back-up singers in fur hats and three topless male dancers.

This should be a fun ESC year!