Vienna Blog – Overheard..

At Semifinal 1 Qualifiers Press Conference..

In responding to a question about her song qualifying, Elhaida Dani (Albania) said, ”We came up in 3 days with ’I’m Alive’..” (Ross: ..and it’s a job well-done too..)

When asked how she feels about qualifying, Polina Gagarina (Russia) replied, ”Like first time having (my) child..this is my second child..”

Polina responded to the predictable question of why she does not sing abot LGBT rights in Russia By saying, ”My song is about does not matter who you are..We are Building Bridges..”. (Ross: ”Building Bridges” is the theme of ESC 2015 for those not yet in the know..)

Maria Elena Kyriakou (Greece) was clearly proud that Greece qualified to the Grand Final and declared to the audience that ”..Due to political and economic crisis Greece deserves a second chance..”.

Elina Born and Stig Rästa (Estonia) had brought the Finnish flag together with the Estonian flag and explained that the two countries are closely connected by language, share the same national anthem, that Elina’s own sister lives in Finland and that Stig is familiar with Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät’s (Finnish contestant) music already a few years now.

Bojana Stamenov (Serbia) was ecstatic about qualifying and said, ”I love to talk..but you left me speechless..!”.