Belgrade Blog: The Semifinal 1

So, 10 songs were chosen for the Final on May 24, and popular opinion here at the Press Centre agrees that the best 10 songs were chosen. The question of course is: which one was the jury choice? We’ll find out next Sunday.

Beogradska Arena was a great experience: modern, well-equipped and in HOT Belgrade, air-conditioned (yay!). The stage was beautiful, and all 19 songs had their fans (and foes..yes, there were some ill-mannered critturs who booed Estonia and Ireland.

The Blue Cross of Finland was held high by excited Finnish fans when Finland’s name was called out. I was equally excited but felt a bit shy, being the only Polish-flag holder in a sea of jubilant Finns, but then my turn came when my favourite POLAND was also called out.

Maiken and I went to the Press Conference afterwards, and it was a good chance to check how the performers were feeling after qualifying to the Final. Kalomira was as excited as a teenage girl (and sounded like one too..). Dima Bilan was lost for words (because he just blabbed ”you,you,you” and then yelled ”amazing!”).  Isis Gee, bless her, was her usual beautiful and elegant self.

Now to the After Party, and more news & views (and photos from Maiken) tomorrow (afternoon, hopefully).