Belgrade Blog: Semifinal 2 Qualifiers

In alphabetical order, Albania, Croatia, Denmark, Georgia, Iceland, Latvia, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine qualified to the Final.

Did the rigged voting system separating countries suspected of ”tactical voting” (the Scandinavians, the ex-Yugos, the ex-Soviets) have an effect on which countries qualified? Maybe, but popular opinion at the Press Centre agrees that the best songs went through to the Final; at the same time, some are wondering: which one was the jury choice?

At the Press Conference Vania Fernandez’s (Portugal) natural voice was heard, and it is amazing how such a gentle voice can render such a powerful performance. When Georgia’s Diana Gurtskaya was asked how she felt, she simply said ”I’m very happy, thank you.”. Sweden’s Charlotte Nilsson expressed happiness that all the Scandinavian countries qualified to the Final. When asked if the winner of ESC 2008 was in the conference room, Ukraine’s Ani Lorak said, ”Yes.”.

But who did Ani Lorak mean? Just two more days to go and we’ll find out. Now the ESC party has moved on to the Euroclub and the Euro Cafe, so more news later (maybe..).