Belgrade Blog: Normal and Abnormal

Tonight is the BIG NIGHT!

Someone from the Big-4 countries had expressed a wish that a ”normal country would win this year”.

I suppose this means that the winners of the last few years were ”abnormal” countries. Let’s see who they are: Turkey (2003), Ukraine (2004), Greece (2005), Finland (2006), Serbia (2007).

And here I was thinking that the Eurovision experience was the ESC fiilis in the host city during Viisuviikko plus enjoying the local culture. How stupid of me.  But no matter what some Big-4 smart person says I would be so happy to return to ”abnormal” Finland on Monday..

Ha-ha..On the TV screens at the Press Centre right now there is a live feed from the Beogradska Arena- they are checking the lip-sync with the sound (so that the picture and sound coordinates). So funny!