Belgrade Blog: Euroclub & Other Adventures

We left the Turkey Party when it ended around 20:30, because many folks were going on down to the Beogradska Arena for the First Dress Rehearsal of Semifinal 1. Being in non-stop motion since we arrived at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport (arrival-immigration-apartment-change and makeup-Turkey Party) we were not quite sure how to get the to the Sava Centar where the accreditation desk and Euroclub is. So we though that walking along the river would sooner-or-later (it became much later..) take us to the Sava Centar. The riverside promenade was quite pleasant and the weather was cooling down with a delicious breeze, but our walk became a bad parody of the Macarena when we had to continuously swish off mosquitoes and their never-loving insect friends who found foreign blood to be yummy.

1 hour later, we finally dragged our spotty and tired selves into the Press Centre and collected our accreditation passes, and as usual there were the promotional materials (cds, posters and stuff) but oh MAN!- also invitations to a whole load of parties which, unfortunately, were mostly held last weekend..voi v****  But hold on- Belarus, Malta and Bulgaria were having a joint party at the Euroclub next door starting at 20:30, but we of course arrived at 21:45 so it was over..

So we had a look around the Euroclub: it was on the second floor after entering the building and it looked spacious with a bar in a corner, but at that very moment the noise was too much (this time it really was noise and not Tereza Kerndlova..) so we decided to leave when somebody told us that Portugal was having a party across the river in the Old Town!

Well, by this time I was having misery in my feet and Maiken was getting famished so we took a tram to go back across the river to our apartment in the Old Town..the tram stopped half-way and everyone was told to get off. We had to walk..uphill..more than one kilometre. Then we noticed that the other passengers from out tram had made the smart choice and simply waited for the next tram.. Well, we live and learn I suppose.

Maiken’s high spirits was in reverse propotion to her hunger, and after gallivanting about the Old Town looking for food we finally settled on a 24-hour grill and had the local Serbian burger ”Maksi Pljeskavica”. Two VEE..ERY tired and bedraggled ESC fans finally cleaned up and went to sleep..Tuesday is another day and we are waiting for Semifinal 1: I must remember to bring my Polish flag to support my favourite entry.