Baku Blog – The Tickets are Here!

The fan ticket packages were finally distributed yesterday. Apparently there were late changes to the ticket system and the complicated process which we went through several weeks ago (go online, use password, pay with credit card, enter name and passport number, print purchase confirmation and ticket voucher, collect ticket at ticket booths in Baku by presenting voucher, passport and purchase credit card..) was simply dumped, and instead hundreds of tickets were given to OGAE International President Maiken Mäemets yesterday to be sorted and distributed to the fans from many countries in Baku.


The ticket package contains Semifinal 1 Dress Rehearsal 21 May (jury vote), Semifinal 1 22 May (live televote), Semifinal 2 Dress Rehearsal 23 May (jury vote), Semifinal 2 24 May (live televote) and Grand Final Dress Rehearsal 25 May (jury vote). And where are the tickets for the Grand Final on Saturday 26 May? Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be..and nobody knows yet.


After several hours of work (thanks Maiken and Team!), the tickets were finally given to the presidents of the OGAE fan clubs from different countries, and Euroviisuklubi’s Jouni Pihkakorpi got to work giving out the tickets to the fans from Finland.


Check your tickets, and make sure that you have all of them!