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Wir Geben ’ne Party!


Monday night was the night of the Parties:


21:00 Ukraine-Germany in Euroclub

21:30 Turkey in Opera Bar

22:30 Israel in Nasjonal Jazz Scene Bar.


Remember that as in Belgrade and Moscow, OGAE ID cardholders are entitled to come to the Euroclub and to any party that is held there.


It was windy & rainy, but that didn’t stop the party goers. Ukraine-Germany generously offered free drinks at the bar, with performances by Alyosha and Lena. Azerbaijan’s Safura made a brief appearance on stage to say greetings before leaving for some place (probably to the Turkish party..). The on-cue stage performances in between playback music & general socialising gave this party a very central European touch. By 22:15 many of the guests started to leave for the next party.


I managed to drop by at the Turkish party around 22:30 to see members of maNga manning the DJ stand and mingling with the crowd. Food was on offer and I spotted some members of the Azerbaijan team (so I was right about Safura earlier..), but with the guest numbers starting to dwindle I guessed I’d better hightail it to the next party.


There was an awesomely long queue outside the Israeli party and the rain got heavier, but queue the fans did and eventually practically everyone made it inside. Perhaps in typical Israeli fashion a big screen behind the stage showed clips of past Israeli ESC winners while the host and assorted members of the Israeli delegation and fan club were on-stage boogieing away and exhorting the party-goers to do the same. Food in small trays were simply passed hand-to-hand among the crowd, while Harel Skaat, Michael Von der Heide (Switzerland) and Marcin Mroziński (Poland) took to the stage. Also seen was Josh Dubovie (United Kingdom).


Tonight the Euroclub will host the Semifinal 1 After Party: Oslo is buzzing that Finland will have a reason to celebrate soon!

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Open Dress Rehearsal

The First Open Dress Rehearsal of Semifinal 1 began at 15:00 local time in the Telenor Arena. There was great excitement at seeing the final version of each country’s entry being performed for the first time on stage.

This was also the opportunity to see how the Event will look like on live television, and so far it promises to be a good show. Even the simple stage looks good on screen, with the occasional use of pyrotechnics/fireworks in some of the songs.

Kuunkuiskaajat gave an excellent show which was both charming and energetic, receiving a very good welcome from the audience in the Arena. This is certainly something to look forward to tomorrow.

One of the interesting aspects of attending the ESC live is to see the entry change on stage, when one country would leave with their on-stage props and the next country would enter with their own props. In previous years television audiences were not able to see this process, but this year part of the entry change will be shown live.

Another change involves the televoting: this year television viewers can vote by telephone or sms already at the start of the contest, instead of waiting until all songs have been performed like in previous years.

More news from the official Eurovision Song Contest website: http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=16853&_t=Live+Report%3A+First+Semi-Final+Dress+Rehearsal+1

So go and listen to the songs again, choose your favourites and vote tomorrow 25 May beginning from 22:00!

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Marcin Mroziński hosted the Poland Party on 22.5, and it was open to everyone. Attending also were 3+2 (Belarus), Vukašin Brajić (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Niamh Kavanagh (Ireland), Thea Garrett (Malta) and Kristina Pelakova (Slovakia).

Marcin of course performed Poland´s entry ”Legenda”, and invited Niamh to perform Ireland´s entry. Only one member of 3+2 (Artsem Mikhalenka) attended at the start, and if I understood Belarusian correctly he performed a cappella the Belarusian national anthem. Kristina was preparing to sing the Slovak entry when the music failed to play, so she simply went on and sang a cappella and can the girl sing! Thea Garrett performed ”That´s All I ask of You” with Marcin, and this was when we discovered that the guy is an actor for the stage performance of ”Phantom of the Opera” in Poland.

There was a discussion between Niamh and Marcin about whose country produces the best apples. Explaining that the apple represents sin, after each performance Marcin got the other singers to take a bite out of a Polish apple (yes, he confirmed that the apple was Polish and not Irish..), but interestingly he did not ask Artsem (the only other male singer) to do so as well..

Niamh was true to the Irish stereotype: she was friendly, chatty and generally great fun! She was also always eating..apples, strawberries, etc.

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Where´s the Party At?

One of the exciting moments in any host city is to find out when & where the different contestants will hold their Country Party to promote their song entry. These parties usually come in four categories: invitation only, for accredited media and fans only, for accredited media and fans as well as for OGAE ID cardholders, and finally for everyone.

Of course, you can try to crash these parties and there´s always a 50/50 chance of success (or you may be turned away with everyone watching..eeww!).

The venues can be many: at the Euroclub, at the Eurocafe or in other locations.

A few Country Parties have been held since I arrived on Friday:

– 21.5 at 20:00 Russia in Euroclub (invitation only)

– 22.5 at 20:00 Georgia in Oslo Opera House (invitation only)

– 22.5 at 20:00 Poland in M3 pub (everyone)

– 22.5 Greece-Cyprus in Eurocafe (everyone)

What the Country Host offers also vary, from simply providing a venue and you buy your own drinks (Greece), or finger food & show but you buy your own drinks (Poland), or fully-catered (including drinks) plus show (Georgia).

But the main idea is to have fun, see who else is there and hear as much gossip as possible, so if you´re coming to Oslo keep a look out for the next parties: I heard that on Monday there will be the Israel Party and the Ukraine-Germany Party!

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The Stage

Oslo is going for something very simple compared to the high-tech stage design and visual effects of Helsinki, Belgrade and Moscow.

The main effects accompanying each performance are light displays behind and on-stage as well as props such as string beads or curtains which are lowered from above. Variation is added by stage props brought by each performer from their home countries to the stage.

Being a much smaller host city in a much smaller country in quiet Scandinavia, simplicity also shows in other parts of the organisation of ESC 2010. Journalist are encouraged to bring their own laptops as there are few computers provided in the Media Centre. Missing also is the tight and advanced security controls of Moscow: in Oslo at the entrances to the Media Centre and Telenor Arena a few chatty security staff use hand held scanners to authenticate the security passes of each visitor. The process could cause a queue during rush periods but one of the interesting things about Oslo in general is that folks do seem to have time to spare, which can also be a nice thing.

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For those who didn’t know, Norway is member of the European Economic Area (Euroopan Talousalue) but not of the European Union, which means that when flying to Oslo from Helsinki you can buy cigs and booze duty free (yay..!), but then Norway keeps her customs checkpoints and limits how much in cigs & booze you can bring (boo..!), so when the duty free stuff is gone like it or not Finnish Eurovision fans will just have to pay Norwegian prices if we want to party every night in the next 8 days..let’s hope the Euro value continues to rise.

The Eurovision mood is in the air here and already at Oslo Gardemoen airport the host city’s Eurovision logo greets you on arrival (photo above).

So now it begins. Tomorrow there will be a chance to see the stage during rehearsals beginning with Azerbaijan at 11:00, so check in again tomorrow afternoon for more.

Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest 2010!

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Hello Finland! This is Oslo calling..

21-30.toukokuun aikana Rossin englanninkielinen Oslo Blog ilmestyy päivittäin Euroviisuklubin websivuille. Oslo Blog tuo näkymiä ja juoruja Oslon Viisuista. Pysykää kanavalla!

Between 21-30 May Ross’ Oslo Blog will appear daily on the Euroviisuklubi website. The Oslo Blog brings views and gossips from the Oslo Eurovision. Stay tuned!

Suomen postikortin kuvaukset Senaatintorilla

Noin 120 euroviisufania kerääntyi tänään Senaatintorille jakamaan hetken Euroviisuille. Norjan NRK ja YLE pyysivät faneja avuksi Suomen postikortin kuvauksiin ja paikalla olikin innokkaita ihmisiä erinäisiin suomenlipunvärisiin vaatteisiin pukeutuneena. Fanit loistivat auringon kanssa kilpaa ja tunnelma oli innostunut ja pirteä.

Kuvaustiimi oli erittäin tyytyväinen saatuun materiaaliin, erityisesti kehuttiin Euroviisuklubin ja ESCSTATSin paikalle sponsoroimia ilmapalloja sekä muuta viisurekvisiittaa. Nähtiinpä paikalla myös virkamatkalla ollut viisupukki!

Olipa turisteilla ihmettelemistä! Kiitos kaikille innokkaille osallistuijille, Oslossa nähdään lopputulos!


Katso täältä tunnelmia kuvauksista:



Kuvat: Jarmo Penttilä, ESCSTATS




Tervetuloa Suomen esittelypostikortin kuvauksiin Helsinkiin!

Nyt sinulla on mahdollisuus osallistua Euroviisujen Suomen esittelypostikortin kuvauksiin.
NRK ja YLE tarvitsevat apuamme. NRK on tulossa kuvaamaan Oslon euroviisulähetyksiä varten Suomen esittelypostikorttia Helsinkiin lauantaina 17. huhtikuuta. Kuvauspaikkana on Kiasma (ulkona, jos on kaunis ilma – sateen sattuessa sisätiloissa) ja aikataulu sellainen, että kokoontuminen Kiasman edessä on klo 12.45. Kuvaukset alkavat klo 13 ja niihin on varattu aikaa n. tunti.

Paikalle kaivataan Kuunkuiskaajille kannustusjoukkoja joukkokohtausta varten (20-30 hlöä vähintään, ylärajaa ei ole). Pukeutumiskoodi: viisuhenkinen, ja mukaan saa ja pitää ottaa myös rekvisiittaa (Suomen lippuja, banderolleja, kylttejä yms. rompetta), kuulemma pari joulupukkiakin mahtuu mukaan.

Voit ilmoittautua joko sähköpostitse: mrmemory@viisukuppila.fi tai listautumalla www.viisukuppila.fi sivuilla –> foorumi –> ESC 2010 Oslo. Ilmoittaudu mukaan heti niin pystymme ilmoittamaan osallistujamäärän YLE:lle mahdollisimman pian. Kaikki viisuhenkiset kaverit mukaan myös!

Lämpimästi tervetuloa!