Amsterdamin konsertti kerää viisutähdet yhteen

Toukokuun ja Düsseldorfin euroviisujen lähestyessä euroviisufanit ympäri Eurooppaa opettelevat viisukappaleiden sanoja ja tanssiliikkeitä. Paras paikka laulujen opettelemiseen on kuitenkin henkilökohtaisesti euroviisuartistien kanssa, esimerkiksi Amsterdamissa 9. huhtikuuta, club Air’issa järjestettävässä Eurovision in Concert 2001 -tapahtumassa.

Kolmatta kertaa järjestettävä Eurovision in Concert -tapahtuma on ollut viime vuosina suuri menestys. Osallistujia on ollu tjoka kerta runsaasti eikä tämä vuosi ole poikkeuks. Tällä hetkellä vahvistettuja osallistujia on jo huimat 21, ja lisää on luvassa.  Myös Suomen edustaja Paradise Oskar on mukana tapahtumassa.


Seuraavat maat ja artistit ovat vahvistaneet osallistumisensa tapahtumaan:
– Albania: Aurela Gace – Feel the passion
– Armenia: Emmy – Boom boom
– Bulgaria: Poli Genova – Na Inat
– Iso-Britannia: Blue – I can
– Itävalta: Nadine Beiler – The secret is love
– Kreikka: Loucas Yiorkos feat. Stereo Mike – Watch my dance
– Kroatia: Daria Kinzer – Celebrate
– Kypros: Christos Mylordos – San aggelos s’agapisas
– Latvia: Musiqq – Angel In Disguise
– Makedonia: Vlatko Ilievski – Rusinka
– Malta: Glen Vella – One life
– Puola: Magdalena Tul – Jestem
– San Marino: Senit – Stand by
– Serbia: Nina – Caroban
– Slovenia: Maja Keuc – No one
– Suomi: Paradise Oskar – Da da dam
– Sveitsi: Anna Rossinelli – In love for a while
– Turkki: Yüksek Sadakat – Live It Up
– Ukraina: Mika Newton – Angel
– Valko-Venäjä: Anastasia Vinnikova – I am Belarusian
– Venjä: Alexey Vorobyov – Get you

Konsertin juontajina toimivat Alankomaiden vuoden 2003 viisuedustaja Esther Hart, hollantilainen tv-juontaja Cornald Maassekä saksalainen koomikko Sascha Korf. Lippuja voi ostaa osoitteesta ja niiden hinta on 25€.

Konsertin järjestävät yhteistyössä OGAE Netherlands, ESCToday, Songfestival Web-log ja Bea Records. Sponsoreina toimivat EBU-UER, Mercure Hotels, Club Air sekä CafÈ Rouge.

Viisukuppila ja Euroviisuklubi seuraa tapahtumaa paikan päällä. Välitämme paikalta tuoreeltaan kuvia, tunnelmia ja artistien fiiliksiä Viisukuppilan kautta. Omia kysymyksiänne esimerkiksi artisteille voitte lähettää osoitteeseen, vastaukset saatte konsertin jälkeen.

Vuosikokous 2011

Euroviisuklubi OGAE Finland ry:n


Paikka: Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, kokoustilat. Linnankatu 32, 20100 Turku

1. Kokouksen avaus

2. Kokouksen puheenjohtajan, sihteerin, pöytäkirjantarkastajien ( 2 henkilöä ) ja ääntenlaskijoiden ( 2 henkilöä ) valinta

3. Kokouksen laillisuuden ja päätösvaltaisuuden toteaminen.
Yhdistyksen sääntöjen 11 §:n mukaan: ” Hallituksen on kutsuttava yhdistyksen kokoukset koolle vähintään seitsemän vuorokautta ennen kokousta. Kutsut lähetetään jäsenistölle sähköpostitse tai kirjeitse. Kokouskutsu esityslistoineen julkaistaan myös yhdistyksen kotisivuilla.”

4. Esityslistan hyväksyminen

5. Suomen Euroviisuklubi OGAE Finland ry:n
– Tilinpäätös ajalta 1.1 – 31.12.2010
– Toimintakertomus vuodelta 2010
– Tilintarkastajan lausunto vuodelle 2010

6. Tilinpäätöksen hyväksyminen ja vastuuvapauden myöntäminen hallitukselle ja muille vastuuvelvollisille

7. Vuoden 2011 Toimintasuunnitelman ja Tulo- ja Menoarvion hyväksyminen. Liittymis- ja jäsenmaksujen suuruuden vahvistaminen sekä luottamushenkilöiden mahdolliset palkkiot.

8. Vaalit:
– Hallituksen jäsenten valinta.  Valitaan 6 varsinaista jäsentä ja 1-4 varajäsentä

9. Tilintarkastajan ja varatilintarkastajan valinta

10. Kokouksen päättäminen
Yhdistyksen kokouksissa on jokaisella varsinaisella jäsenellä, kunniapuheenjohtajalla ja kunniajäsenellä yksi ääni. Kukin varsinainen jäsen voi edustaa yhtä toista jäsentä valtakirjalla. Kannattavalla jäsenellä on kokouksessa läsnäolo- ja puheoikeus.
Voit tutustua tilinpäätökseen, vuosikertomukseen, sekä toimintasuunnitelmaan ja tulo- ja menoarvioon vuodelle 2011 etukäteen osoitteessa

Helsinki 10.1.2011

Euroviisuklubi OGAE Finland Ry Hallitus


Oslo Blog

Farvel Oslo, Hallo Deutschland!

Europe has voted and Germany is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. The general opinion here at the Telenor Arena is that the best song had won.

As many of us leave Oslo tomorrow for our own homelands we can look forward to ESC 2011 to be hosted by Germany. Until next year!

Oslo Blog

The Final

The moment is almost here and the Big Question is:  Who will be the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010?


The winner is not easy to predict with many different music genres in the Final line-up plus the use of jury vote in addition to televoting. Your guess is as good as mine.


Oslo as the host city has provided the basic essentials to make the Biggest Show in Europe a success. Higher costs in Oslo is the main excuse heard for limitations in the organisation of ESC 2010  when compared to previous host cities and this may very well be true, but taking into account Norway’s higher income levels the costs should have been manageable. However the hospitality of the Norwegians has made being in Oslo a very pleasant experience.


Oslo deserves thanks for hosting ESC 2010, and after tonight we bid farewell to Oslo and look forward to the next host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.


25 countries will compete at the Telenor Arena tonight and the Grand Final promises to be exciting in many ways, so remember to tune in to YLE 2 at 22:00. Let the show begin, and may the best song win!

Oslo Blog

Overheard..At Semifinal 2 Press Conference


Sofia Nizharadze (Georgia): ”Georgia was really waiting for my appearance on stage because last year we did not take part..”. (Ross: ’Coz Georgia quit before it got disqualifed..)

maNga (Turkey): Responding to a journalist question, ”I don’t know..”.

Harel Skaat (Israel): ”Jerusalem or Tel Aviv is prepared for Eurovision..”.

Niamh Kavanagh (Ireland): ”I’m having the best time..But I can do without a cement mixer in the morning, if you know what I mean..”. (Cement Mixer = krapula)

Safura (Azerbaijan): When asked if she will make it for the last day of school on 31 May, ”My school, School Number 23, fully supports me..”. (Ross: That probably means no school for Safura on 31 May!)

Paula Seling & Ovi (Romania): When asked about their show in the Final, ”If you haven’t seen enough (fireworks) you will get more..”.

Eva Rivas (Armenia): Commenting on a fan who presented her with an apricot t-shirt, ”Last time when I met him he gave me apricot jam made by himself, very tasty..”. (Ross: Oo..a stalker? That’s okay, you know you’re famous when you have your personal stalker..)

Eva Rivas: Responding to a question about tall girls running about on-stage in high heels, ”I was a model and I got used to it..”.

N’evergreen (Denmark): About Denmark being announced as the last qualifier to the Final, ”We thought it would be Sweden or us..Thank god the red flag came up.”.

Chanée (Denmark): When choosing a number for the Final line-up, ”I’m hoping for a number that will let us sleep longer tomorrow because the rehearsal will start later..”. (Denmark drew number 25, last place in the line-up.)

It promises to be a great line-up for the Final on 29 May, so remember to tune in to YLE 2 at 22:00!

Oslo Blog

Semifinal 2 – The Venue

To be fair to all national fan club members, seats for each show (Semifinal 1 & 2 and the Final) are in different places so that everyone will have a chance at least once to be in the section close to the stage.

For Semifinal 2 my seat was behind the cameras, which means I could only see parts of what was happening on stage. So during the time when I was missing half of the show anyway I focused on what was going on in the Telenor Arena which is the venue of ESC 2010.

To start from the beginning, at the entrance to the inner yard of the Arena the security control was a simple physical body check of every ticketholder and a quick look inside any handbag. In the inner yard were some kiosks selling the official merchandise, drinks and some other items but while waiting to enter the Arena building it was strange that there was no Eurovision music played on loudspeakers to keep up the mood.

Yesterday I was seated in Section 9 Row 14 Seat 37. People holding signboards would indicate your section number, after which you find your row and seat number by bending over to check the tiny stickers on the floor next to each row.

Even though the audience was required to stay by their seats and not run about during the show (so as not to block the view of others as well as for safety reasons), excited fans would try to rush closer to the stage especially during their country’s performance. The security personnel that I saw were mostly petite young girls who were helpless to enforce the ”stay by your seat” rule, especially when facing a loud somewhat drunk crowd. Yes, alcohol could be bought and brought to the seats which can be a problem when some people would spill them (on other people..). I also smelled cigarette smoke at one time.

These are the things that television viewers do not see on the screen, and maybe it is better this way..

Oslo Blog

Overheard..Fans at the OGAE International Party (Euroclub)

“The contest will be between Azerbaijan and Israel..”


“The Israeli song is boring and only gets good in the last part..”


“The Dutch song is horrible but everyone is singing it..”


“The winner will be either Sweden or Belgium..”


“The Georgian song would be good if only she would just stand and sing..”


“I think Netherlands will make it to the final..”


“Portugal will win..”




“Albania, not Armenia..”


“Rumour says Iceland finished top with the votes yesterday..”


“Iceland cannot win, nobody can get there..”


“I don’t care who wins as long as it’s in a warm country..”


“I hope it will be in a country with warm blood people, like Greece..”


“It’s difficult to say who will win with so many different songs..”


“With the jury who knows how they will vote..”


What do YOU think? (Whisper..”Azerbaijan”..)

Oslo Blog Semifinal 1 Press Conference


Vukašin Brajić (Bosnia-Herzegovina), responding to a question about qualifying to the Final: ”I bet some money and now I have money..”.


Vukašin Brajić, responding to a question about his biggest competitor: “Tom Dice.”.


Olia Tira & Sunstroke Project (Moldova), when asked what they feel:

–       Olia Tira: “We are proud to be here with our friends Russia and Belarus..”.

–       Sunstroke Project: “In one, in two”. (Ross: I thought “energy” was just one word?)



Master of Ceremonies (MC) to Peter Nalitch (Russia): “Wow Peter, you made it!”.

Peter Nalitch: “It seems yes..”.


Giorgos Alkaios (Greece) about qualifying: “In Oslo 2010, to be a song in Final, in Greek, it’s great..”.


MC to Milan Stanković (Serbia): “As usual, great performance..great Dress..”.


Tom Dice (Belgium): “Belgium waited so long for this moment..”.


Journalist to Tom Dice: “All Europe loves your guitar..”.

Tom Dice (pointing to his guitar): “You want to ask him something?”.


Juliana Pasha (Albania), when asked if she had a chance to see Oslo: “Someone told me that Oslo is a very beautiful country..”. (Ross: A-ha..most people used to think that Oslo was just a city..).


Hera Björk, responding to a comment about Iceland volcanoes erupting at her success: “They’re actually calming down..They’re happy that I am in the Final..”.