RETRO – Second Chance Contest 1978

On tullut taas aika valita Suomen edustaja aikamatkalle taaksepäin vuoden 1978 Retro Second Chance Contestiin, jossa kilpailee tuon vuoden karsintakappaleita eri maista.

Valinta on tehtävä (edustuskappaleeksi valittua ”Anna rakkaudelle tilaisuus” lukuun ottamatta) kaikkien vuoden 1978 Suomen karsinnan osallistujakappaleiden välillä:

Ehdokkat ovat:

2. Mirumaru – ABC
3. Reijo Karvonen – Lemmenlaulu
4. Martti Metsäketo – En viipyä voi
5. Lea Laven – Aamulla rakkaani näin
6. Anneli Saaristo – Sinun kanssasi, sinua ilman
7. Katri Helena – Ystävä

Soittolistan, josta voi kappaleet tsekkaamassa, löytyy täältä:

Jokainen Euroviisuklubin jäsen, joka haluaa osallistua Suomen kappaleen valintaäänestykseen, voi lähettää Top 6-pisteensä (8-6-4-3-2-1, siis 8p parhaalle ja 1p kuudenneksiparhaalle) klubin kisakoordinaattorille Martti Heikkiselle osoitteeseen muzamaza ( at ) Samasta osoitteesta voi tiedustella mitä tahansa kilpailuihin liittyviä asioita.

Lähetäthän omat pisteesi viimeistään sunnuntaihin 5.6.2011 kello 24.00 mennessä.

Ystävällisin terveisin:

Martti ”MuzaMaza” Heikkinen
Euroviisuklubi OGAE Finland

Dusseldorf Blog: Auf Wiedersehen Dusseldorf, Salam Baku!

”It’s a dream come true..”.


Those were the words of Ell & Nikki, who reverted to their original names Eldar and Nigar at the Winners Press Conference last night. ”I can’t believe that 6 months ago I was a housewife, and now I’m the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest”, says Nigar.


It has not been a very long journey for Azerbaijan from its debut as an ESC contestant in Belgrade 2008 to winning the contest this year. During the press conference the Azerbaijan delegation was asked how their supposedly conservative country would react to the large number of gay and transgender visitors who will go to Azerbaijan next year. ”All is welcome” was the simple answer.


It is uncertain if Armenia is able to participate in the ESC next year due to the unresolved political dispute between the two countries. When asked if winning the ESC could bring closer relations between them, Eldar quietly said, ”Culture brings people together..”.


Jan Ola Sand, the ESC Supervisor, entered the press conference by announcing that the Eurovision chapter in Dusseldorf is now closed and the EBU pledges its support to a succesful hosting by Azerbaijan. Judging from the words of the Azerbaijan Head of Delegation it seems that Baku will be the host city.


When asked to say something to his home country Eldar declared, ”We’re coming back, Azerbaijan!”.


So we will we, and see you next year in Baku!

Dusseldorf Blog: Grand Final Countdown

Dusseldorf is starting the countdown to the Grand Final tonight. The city’s Altstadt (Old Town) is seeing throngs of ESC fans carrying flags and singing (or actually shouting..) their favourite songs.


Last night the German fan club had organised a Euroboat cruise on the Rhine, where Nicki French (UK entry Stockholm 2000) and Igor Cukrov (Croatian enty Moscow 2009) performed on stage. The boat was crowded with fans from many countries and the main topic was: Who will win ESC 2011?


Your guess is as good as mine, so remember to tune in to YLE2 tonight and 22:00!

Dusseldorf Blog: The Russian Party!

”The Russians are coming waiting!” – that’s how the invitation was set out on the invitation cards to the Russian party.


As host Alexey Vorobyov said, ”The party continues..It’s a Russian party!”. And so it did, between 22:00 until early morning. When I left at 04:00 the crowd was still jumping, and apparently so was Alexey Vorobyov.


Arriving to the party was interesting. Those who arrived at 22:00 had to queue, show their press accreditation or invitation cards and get a white wristband before being allowed in. Then, only press accreditation was required. Soon after that, both press and fan accreditation was allowed. Later, I heard that OGAE ID cardholders could also come in. It was a nice feeling to know that we were welcomed at this party, after a few other parties where the guest list was more restricted.


I guess it was worthwhile waiting a bit before coming to the party, because early arrivals were strictly controlled at the entrance. I saw Paradise Oskar (Finland) queueing and having his accreditation checked before being allowed in- ouch! And he was a guest performer!


Also seen arriving were Daria Kinzer (Croatia), Ell & Nikki (Azerbaijan) and Eldrine (Georgia).


There was a buffet table which was typical of Russian ESC parties, and of course a great evening programme. Alexey Vorobyov was both main entertainer as well as back-up dancer to the guest performers, and he even mimed Serbia’s Nina’s stage performance together with her backup dancers. At one point there was a topless dance routine featuring Alexey Vorobyov.


Alexander Rybak, Norway’s winner took to the stage first, followed by Paradise Oskar (Finland), Ell & Nikki (Azerbaijan), Mika Newton (Ukraine), Emmi (Armenia) and Glen Vella (Malta). When the dj later opened the dance floor Alexander Rybak and Alexey Vorobyov were among the most active partiers.


Ell & Nikki presented Alexey Vorobyov with a necklace for good luck. Mika Newton presented a blond Ukrainian doll in traditional dress, prompting Alexey to declare that he now has a puppet girlfriend to go with his puppet dog (which he actually brought along to the Qualifiers Press Conference on Tuesday). Emmi presented a boxing glove which she suggested could be used to control the dog and the girlfriend, or not..


A great night out, and all we can say is, ”Spasiba Rossiya!”.

Dusseldorf Blog: Overheard.. the Semifinal 1 Qualifiers Press Conference.


Nina (Serbia), when asked how she felt while waiting for the qualifier announcements, ”We were excited, and scared a little bit..”.


Ell (Azerbaijan), when asked for a comment on the non-qualifying countries, ”Good luck, we will really, really miss them..”.


– Master of Ceremonies to Eldrine (Georgia), ”You’re in the Final now!”.

– Eldrine: ”Yes..”.


Anna Rossinelli (Switzerland): ”It’s so cool to be in the Final..”.


Paradise Oskar (Finland), responding to a question about how he feels at being the youngest qualifier who is also a poor student from Helsinki, ”That’s a complicated question..”.


– Alexey Vorobyov (Russia), when asked what he will do next, ”Sleep..”.

– Alexey Vorobyov (Russia), when asked about the Russian delegation party on Wednesday, ”This guy with the guitar will be there, and we will sing!” (the guitar guy is of course Paradise Oskar).


Sjonni’s Friends, when asked how they felt when Iceland’s name was called, ”Sorry about spilling the red wine on the white carpet..”.

Dusseldorf Blog: Semifinal 1

Semifinal 1 will start in two hours, and excitement is growing in Dusseldorf among the ESC fans.

Who will qualify? Preliminary votes organised by OGAE International shows that Finland will be one of the qualifiers. For my bit I have persuaded a few friends from different voting countries to vote for Finland tonight 🙂

The Finnish fans in Dusseldorf received their concert tickets today, and on TV tonight look out for the Finland team: we are sitting near the stage waving blue & white glow sticks during the Finnish song.

We will find out about the outcome soon, and let’s see what can be overheard at the Qualifiers Press Conference later.

So whether you will be in the Esprit Arena or in a bar or at home, Let the Show Begin!


That familiar Eurovision feeling came back when I joined the crowds of fans walking from the U-bahn station towards the Esprit Arena.

The Esprit Arena, despite its size, had one security entrance for all arriving attendees. The security check, similar to Oslo, was a simple body frisk by security guards without metal detectors and bags were hadly checked. At least inside the Arena the security guards were big men, which is an improvement on the Oslo security which used little girls to keep order.

The show, performed on a high-tech stage, was fabulous, and the atmosphere was great because unlike the last two years the Arena was mostly full.

There was surprise, both good and bad, among the fans when the ten qualifiers were announced. Overheard was a comment that the televotes were probably scattered among many of the songs which means that few songs commanded a solid televote backing, and as a result the jury votes became the deciding factor on who would qualify for the Final on Saturday. And as we know on many occasions the jury favourites can be quite different from the general public’s.

How many of your favourites qualified? I could only manage six correct guesses..and one of them was Finland!

Düsseldorf Blog: The Lord Mayor’s Reception

The Opening Ceremony of ESC 2011 was hosted by Düsseldorf Lord Mayor yesterday evening. Attendance was by Invitation Only. A limited number of invitations were issued to each participating country’s Head of Delegation who then decides how these are distributed.

There were disappointments among those not receiving invitations. Overheard was a comment that NDR (the host German broadcaster) has claimed that it costs around 600 euros per accredited person (both Press and Fan) due to the services (including refreshments) provided for them. That IS expensive, although I have not seen any caviar & champagne served yet..

It seems that in the last 3 years the hospitality level is decreasing. In Moscow all accredited press and fans were welcomed to the Opening Ceremony. In Oslo attendance was Invitation Only. In  Düsseldorf the accreditation process was first restricted and then attendance to the Opening Ceremony was Invitation Only. Unlike Moscow and Oslo, Düsseldorf also denies OGAE ID card holders access to the Euroclub.


Contrary to popular belief, it seems from history that the host country which is less wealthy is more generous than those who are considered more developed..

Anyway, for those interested in views of the Opening Ceremony there is a video on the official ESC 2011 website:

Düsseldorf Blog: Dusseldorf is HOT!

And it’s not just the weather, which in the day is around 26 degrees. It’s the Eurovision atmosphere in the Euroclub, which is physically (where’s the air-conditioning?) and musically hot.

One problem though..unlike Belgrade, Moscow or even Oslo where fans can enter with the OGAE ID card, here you would need an accreditation pass. The accreditation process was also quite restricted compared to previous host cities, and few were able to get them. So those without accreditation will have to go to the Euroclub in the morning and get a pass valid for the evening (and the number of passes are also limited). Well..

Still, I managed to get into the Euroclub last night with the OGAE ID card since it was the OGAE Party. Arriving around 00:45 (got lost again..) I managed to catch Slovenia and Croatia performing on stage, and in beween performances Eurovision hits past & present saw the fans jumping and simply having fun.

Unlike Moscow the beer was not free but at around 3,50 euros per bottle nobody’s complaining. It seems that Germany has not heard of the no-smoking rule, so puff away in the Euroclub if you please.

So welcome to ESC 2011, and as Daria Kinzer of Croatia tells us, ”Celebrate, with every single step you take”!

Düsseldorf Blog: Hallo Düsseldorf!

Terve Helsinki!

So another ESC year, and this time we are in Düsseldorf. I arrived with a group of people from our Euroviisuklubi (Jouni and Gang, actually..) and after finding my accommodation it was time to check-out the city.

Getting lost and walking a couple of kilometers with luggage showed me some parts of the city near the Hauptbahnhof (päärautatieasema). Quite a multicultural area, and if you like fusion food then the range of of ethnic restaurants available means you’ll never go hungry. Prices are great compared to Helsinki, and talking to some Finnish fans it seems that you will never be thirsty here either, so booze up and be merry!

Public transport is good, and for those who will arrive soon simply take the S-bahn (that means ”lähijuna) S11 to the Hauptbahnhof. If you want to go to the Euroclub from the Hauptbahnhof which is in the Altstadt (”vanha kaupunki”) take the U-bahn U70, U74, U75, U76, U77, U78 & U79 to the stop ”Henrich-Heine-Allee”. To get to the Esprit Arena for the show from the Hauptbahnhof just take U78 to the stop ”Esprit Arena”.

Single tickets are 2,30 euros for Zone A (which includes the airport), but if you are staying a few days better to buy a day ticket. Use the ticket machines at S-bahn or U-bahn stations.

That’s it for now, will tell more later!