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Ross Kamarul-Baharin

Vienna Blog – Grand Final

So Europe (and Australia) have chosen the 20 best songs from the two semifinals. And now begins the Grand Final to decide the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

It will be a wondrous spectacle – from Conchita Wurst flying through the air through the cheerful illuminated dance number of the UK, the campfire of Austria, the beautiful ballad of France, the foot-tapping performance of Australia, the haunting melody from Spain and ending with the classic choir from Italy – enjoy the show and may the best song win!

Vienna Blog – Semifinal 2

So semifinal 2 begins in 10 minutes. Again it will be a spectacular show with a variety of performances to entertain..and surprise. One to look out for will be the one by Azerbaijan – there will be two male wolves (the Singer and a dancer) and a female wolf (another dancer..). The question is – who is trying to get with whom: watch and interpret as you please..

Tune in to YLE2 at 22:00 tonight.

Vienna Blog – Overheard..

At Semifinal 1 Qualifiers Press Conference..

In responding to a question about her song qualifying, Elhaida Dani (Albania) said, ”We came up in 3 days with ’I’m Alive’..” (Ross: ..and it’s a job well-done too..)

When asked how she feels about qualifying, Polina Gagarina (Russia) replied, ”Like first time having (my) child..this is my second child..”

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Vienna Blog – Semifinal 1 Tonight

TV audiences may expect a fabulous show tonight at Semifinal 1 of ESC 2015 – from the beautifully designed opening sequence by Conchita Wurst through the sexy-police number of Moldova and the classy power ballad of Russia and not forgetting Finland’s own Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, all performed on the amazingly-constructed Eurovision stage.

Which ten countries will make it through to the Grand Final on Saturday? Last night the national juries had cast 50% of the vote towards this decision, and tonight tv audiences have the chance to cast the remaining 50% of the votes. Here in Vienna folks place Estonia as the winner of Semifinal 1 and a shoe-in to the Grand Final, but we will find out tune in to YLE2 at 22:00.

Vienna Blog – Overheard..

At Sunday’s press conference for Australia..

While asking which city Australia would choose to host ESC 2015 if Australia should win, the ORF journalist added, ”Will it be London again?..because they won’t make it with this song..”. (Ross: ouch..bitchhay..)

Vienna Blog – Overheard

At Friday’s stage rehearsal:

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (Finland), complaining to somebody unknown in Finnish ”I’m not can just blab away over there..”


At Friday’s press conference for Elina Born & Stig Rästa (Estonia), when asked what they have seen in Vienna:

Host: What have you seen in Vienna?

Elina: I saw mountains..!!

Host: Vienna?!

Elina: *blink*

(Stig explained that they were also outside Vienna where the mountains were..)

Vienna Blog – The Party Begins

Today is the fourth day of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. Semifinal 1 contestants had their second stage rehearsal today with a tight schedule – each country had 20 minutes to get everything right before the full dress rehearsal on Monday night when the national juries will cast 50% of the votes to decide who will go to the Grand Final on Saturday. The remaining 50% of the votes will be cast by TV audiences on Tuesday 19 May – tune in to YLE2 at 22:00 for the live broadcast.

Fans are beginning to arrive to this host city, and over the next week the cycle of parties, gossip & drama will heat up in Vienna.. Let the show begin!

Vienna Blog

Rossin englanninkielinen ”Vienna Blog” ilmestyy Euroviisuklubin websivuille 15-24.5.2015. Juorut ja hauskat jutut Euroviisuista 2015 luvassa. Tsekkaa sitä täältä silloin tällöin:

Ross’s ”Vienna Blog” in English will appear on the Eurovision Club’s website between 15-24.5.2015. Gossips and cool things from Eurovision 2015 coming up. Check it out sometimes:

Copenhagen Blog: Semifinal 2 Qualifiers Press Conference

The results are in and FINLAND made it to the final once again, prompting one journalist to ask the the attending Finnish delegation whether this is proof that the UMK (Uuden Musiikin Kiilpailu / New Music Competition) event is actually successful in producing good entries for the country now and in the future. In typical Finnish understatement the reply was, ”You will just have to see”.

One journalist commented that bloc voting by region must be absent in Semifinal 2 if only Slovenia made it through from the ex-Yugoslavia (and only Belarus from the ex-USSR), which means that the songs qualified on their own merits. TEO (Belarus) expressed thanks to voters from other countries for choosing his song, but Cleo (Poland) mischievously suspected that Slavic men everywhere had voted for her ”Slavic Girls” song.

Conchita Wurst (Austria) had a very worried look on television screens moments before Austria was announced as the last qualifier to the Grand Final on Saturday. When asked if she was sure that Austria would be called out as the last qualifier, the glamorous diva said self-deprecatingly that looking behind her there were so many great artistes, and Israel was specifically mentioned as one country which she thought might be called out instead of Austria.

More from the Semifinal 2 Qualifiers Press Conference here:

The final line up for the Grand Final is now confirmed here:

So tune to YLE2 on Saturday 10 May at 22:00 Finnish time to discover who will win the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.